What Are You Thinking About?

Here’s the difference: When a guy says he’s thinking about nothing in particular, he is likely telling the truth. We spend a variable but oftentimes large amount of our time mentally lying on the couch; floating, if you will, around our headspace.

When a woman says she has nothing on her mind, she’s probably not being quite so honest. Even whilst idling ladies are thinking about something. Frankly I cannot tell you what, because when I ask female friends about this, they become evasive. If I were in a closer relationship with these women, I imagine they’d be more forthcoming. Being a non-partner and a male, they are more reticent to let me in.

Men who want accord in their relationships with women learn to cajole information from their partners. It takes time and trust. She needs to feel, well, like she’s being taken seriously.

Awareness of the fact of women’s mental restlessness and their need for security is a good start to finding a communications harmony.