Eons of evolution and countless generations bring us to modern man. Me.

Modern man has a few software macros that operate all the time in the background while we go about our daily business. These are the base animal skills, the flight or flight instinct, the stuff of survival. Controlling them would be the same as attempting to control an ostrich; there is no point because you cannot.

One of these background routines is the woman detector. The woman detector is a visual program wherein every women who comes into view is assessed, judged, compared and categorized. She is assessed first for shape and size, then clothing and appearance, and then for availability. Almost instantly we determine if she is of interest or not, and whether she’s worth a second look.

That’s it. Men are walking, talking, driving Woman Scanners. The scanner at the supermarket scans for barcodes. We scan for hips, legs, breasts, waist, face, hair, shoes, skirts, makeup, jewelry, tattoos, piercings and a wedding band. So powerful is the instinct to scope out the lady population, I will detour while driving to cruise through the court/legal district, because that’s where the best-dressed woman are found.

All this for absolutely no payoff, other than the pleasure of filling our heads with possibility.

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