Who? What?

Three declarations:

Hi, I’m Wombat. I’m heterosexual. 

Hello. My name is Monique, and I’m a lesbian. 

Hey there. I am Thomas. I’m gay.

Which one is the odd one out?

To my eye, it’s my own statement. No-one cares that my sexual preference includes women only, and frankly, that seems about right. I don’t care about anyone else’s either. Your congressional activities are your business.

So does that mean homosexual men and women describing themselves by way of their sexual preference sounds more natural? Maybe. But let’s examine this more closely. Is it really these folks who so publically identify? I think not. I have never been introduced to a man, to have him immediately go to his sexuality, whether gay or not. Ditto any woman. People identify contextually, viz:

Hi, I’m Pete, and I’m the network administrator. 

Hello, my name is Andrea. I’m the CEO.

Why, darling, I’m Natasha. You can think of me any way you want.

Okay, that last one was a red herring. Kinda.


It’s always others who attach sexuality to the individual.

Why does this happen? Why does my acquaintance Lindsay always end up “Lindsay the Lesbian”? It’s certainly not her. And I’ve worked with gay men before who were often referred to as “Gay….Dave/Larry/Tony”. Sure, they were homosexual, but made no more if it than I did of my heterosexuality – in fact, they were most often the least forthcoming about that part of their lives.

There is no point to my questions, other than to muse over the importance with which we rank our sexual being…and how public we make it.

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