Wombat: So who is the brunette hottie in the pic you sent?

Friend-Girl: Oh, that’s Chantelle.

Wombat: Would I like her?

Friend-Girl: Hmmmm, maybe. She’s a little spiritual for you. But I think she’s dirty – she’s always talking about her thigh-high boots and lingerie. I’m sure you’d like that about her.

Wombat: So why is she single?

Friend-Girl: You can’t ask that question.

Wombat: Sorry?

Friend-Girl: That question is off-limits. Everyone asks cute single girls why they don’t have a man, like that’s the only thing that matters. So I rule the question invalid.

Wombat: Oh. I can’t even ask the question?

Friend-Girl: Nope.


Wombat: This is about you, isn’t it? You don’t want to talk about this because you’re sans-a-man, right?

Friend-Girl: Bastard.


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