Me and Me Alone

Dating advisors will tell you: for dating success Be Yourself.

Worst. Advice. Ever.

You, like me, are a sloppy mess of insecurities, half-understandings, moldy old baggage, soiled laundry and fear. A delightful and sexy melange of those elements, but still, we’re all rocky road muffins.

I hardly need warn you about revealing too much of the truth about yourself on a date. Dating isn’t based on truth; dating’s based on outfitting our dates with our fantasies. Ignoring non-compliant data allows us to dream the dream.

However, matters can progress. Date the right person long enough and you’ll find that they’ve either figured out the stuff you’ve been avoiding, or they’re ready to hear it. In either case it’s a milestone to know that:

a.) There’s no need to withhold any more, and

b.) Someone still thinks well enough of you despite them knowing the awful truth.

That’s the time you’ll find yourself being yourself without being conscious of it.

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